What You Need Is In You

    I read a quote recently that said, “If you can’t master your mind, your emotions will overwhelm you every time.” I’ve never read anything that I felt was more directed at me in my life. I am an emotionally sensitive person, and this is not to say I am a generally sensitive person, overly emotional, or that there is any negative connection between being emotionally adept, mature, and/or sensitive that I would tolerate. I am quick to feel and connect with people and situations and am easily immersed in these emotions. The problem I have here, and why this quote spoke so directly to me, if pulling myself out of them. Continue Reading

  • That 70’s Style

    I’m obsessed, I’m in love you guys… with the 70’s. Bell flares, high-waisted denim, warm browns, platforms, suede, round sunglasses,…