Best Portland Date Nights!

I love dressing for date night. It’s my favorite look to style whether it’s black tie, a lunch date, or a fancy dinner I just love the idea of dressing to impress even if it’s subtle. The idea that this outfit might be the one thing that ties you to that one specialĀ  night is so romantic and whimsical I just couldn’t resist sharing a fun new look for date night.

You know what I love about this look? Other than the mermaid top (as I like to call it) and how lovely the skirt swirling around your legs feels? The whole look is under $100… including the shoes. I love finding items that look hundred of dollars more than they actually cost, like this bag I got for $7 (it’s under $20 now) at Forever 21 (if you’re looking for a bucket bag this one is so soft and I love it). In this look it’s the skirt which is only $27 but I’ve seen identical ones for $100+. It also comes in a really pretty silver color I think would look amazing with a crop top, white boots, denim jacket and a cabby or beret hat!

Portland is a great city for a lot of reasons but one is all of the fun things to do morning, noon, and night. Here are some of my favorite date spots broken down by category.


Interurban – This is Jesse and I’s favorite brunch spot. The food is amazing and non-traditional, it has a homey and rustic vibe to the decor and the service is fast and friendly. I recommend the Juevos Rachero.

Besaw’s – This place is great for a relaxed vibe. It’s open and bright, has delicious food (such as scrambles and avocado toast) and the bloody mary’s are a must.

Merriweather’s – This is another favorite of Jesse and I’s. The coffee is delicious and they use seasonal and local vegetables and cure their own meats in their dishes. I recommend the Farmer’s Scramble!

Papa Hayden – This place has a more luxe vibe with white clothed tables, black and white color palette and fireplace this is the perfect spot to meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while or have a birthday brunch. It’s also not overly expensive and the drinks are delicious.


Xico – This is a wonderful date night spot in the summer. Jesse and I went and sat outside on the patio and it’s beautiful at night with the lights and quiet atmosphere. I could have sat out there with him forever. The service took ages (but we only went the once) but the food was delicious and 5 star Mexican fare.

Renata – This is one of my favorites as it’s delicious Italian food and their appetizers and wine are mouth watering as well. It has such a warm interior with exposed beams and brick and the soft lighting makes this perfect for a special dinner with that special someone. I recommend their cheese board and a pizza to share.

Noble Rot – This is a roof top restaurant known for it’s wines and it doesn’t disappoint. The food is also delicious (am I using that word too much? Try the brussel sprouts!) and the view of the city is beautiful as the sun goes down. The atmosphere here is perfect for a date night or drinks after work.

Pok Pok – This spot is a must if you’re visiting Portland. It’s Taiwanese food and it’s a small restaurant so it’s perfect for 2. I’d recommend their whiskey sour to drink, chicken wings in fish sauce to start and the Khao Soi noodle soup for dinner.


Papa Hayden – Circling back to this beautiful little spot, if you want dessert in Portland, you go to Papa Hayden. I mean they have Pastry Technicians (I don’t know what that is but it sounds serious). I love the Panna Cota and chocolate cake!

Huber’s – This is Portalnd’s oldest restaurant and is curiously both relaxed and luxe in atmosphere. If you go for an after dinner drink you have to get the Spanish coffee! It comes with quite the show as they make it table side.


Barlow – Barlow is a 1920’s inspired bar that serves up some of the most delicious cocktails. Ever tried Japanese whiskey?? Delicious. Jesse and I grabbed a drink here before heading to a special dinner date (I left that place off this list because it’s $$$) and it was the perfect way to start the night.

Teardrop – This place defines artisan cocktails. They serve up martini’s and lemon drops of all varieties and they are a flavor adventure for your mouth. Ingredients you wouldn’t have thought would go together pair perfectly and they take their craft serious. The last time I was there the bartender (who is insanely knowledgeable) took 15 minutes to create my liquid masterpiece. Grab a drink here if you want to try something new.

Ten Barrel – For all me beer lovers out there this is the spot for you. They have a rooftop bar that is the perfect spot to hangout in the summer, but it gets packed so you have to get their early. The food is good, the craft beer is great, and the people watching is even better.

Matador – Jesse and I love this place for Mexican food. It’s more low key than Xico and it’s 21 and older so no kids to distract you on your date night if that bothers you. They have one of the best happy hours in town and all the food is amazing (I have a serious love for Mexican food though…) The margaritas are one of the highlights and are gigantic and delicious. If you’re a light weight like me, maybe call an Uber…


Doug Fir – This place is basically famous. They have lots of amazing bands in their downstairs concert hall and a bar area, restaurant, and outdoor patio with fire pits upstairs. This is a great meeting spot for people to start or finish the night and what’s more intimate than cozying up by the fire and chatting?

Mississippi Studios – This is Jesse and I’s favorite venue because it’s a bit smaller (though it has a balcony) and it’s on Mississippi St which was our old stomping grounds when we started dating. Interurban is also down the street so it’s a bit nostolgic. If you want to stay on Mississippi (the perfect opportunity to hold hands and chat while you walk), Lovely’s Fifty Fifty has some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, Uchu is a delicious sushi spot, and there’s some wonderful boutique, record, and nursery shops to peruse while you wait for your concert to start.

What kind of date nights do you like? 5 star food and artisan cocktails? Craft beer and savory ethnic food? Or maybe a delicious brunch? What was your most favorite date night?

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