Color Blocking For Fall

When the weather gets colder most people start to wear more black, grey, and tan colors, but why not add in some color? The leaves are turning yellow, red and green so why not add those colors into the rotation? Here’s my color blocking combo for some fall color inspiration.

Fall is my second favorite season after summer so giving up hot, sunny days for cool, beautifully colorful (and sometimes grey and rainy) ones isn’t so bad. I think it’s kind of backwards how most of us (me included) wear more monotone and neutral colors when the temperature drops when nature is quite literally doing the opposite. Our world turns red, yellow, orange, and green but we cloak ourselves in grey, and why?!?!

Pretty much anyone who knows me (or has been shopping with me) this season will tell you I’m obsessed with yellows this season. Anything yellow and I love it and have to have it (that and anything 70’s inspired), so you can imagine how fast I snatched this Topshop sweater up when I saw it. It’s so comfy and the bell sleeve and lace up back detail give it that something extra.

I love the yellow/green/red color combo and however you want to try it you can mix those colors anyway you like! I need to have about 3 inches taken in on the waist of this skirt (that’s why in some of these pics it looks like I have a food baby where the fabric is sticking out ) but I’d love to pair it with a burgundy top and yellow bag or maybe burgundy shoes and a white bag… play with it and see what you come up with!

This past weekend was an exhausting blur for me, from the FashioNXT shows to shoots to shopping to errands and other work I’m still tired. This weekend is looking to be just as eventful with my cousin’s wedding festivities. Speaking of weddings/relationships, I have a weird story, this past weekend I had 2 dreams 2 nights in a row that my boyfriend had left me (the second during a zombie apocalypse because apparently my subconscious likes to spice things up a bit) and the third night I had a dream we were announcing our engagement to our families ?? Any dream interpreters out there want to figure that one out? Hahah!

So how was your weekend? Do you love wearing color in fall? And what was the craziest dream you’ve ever had (if you don’t mind me asking!)?!?!

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