How To Elevate A Plaid Shirt

I love plaid shirts, maybe it’s my country roots and farm-ish up bringing, but I’m a sucker for them and always end up grabbing for one when I’m shopping. This blue and blush version is the latest to my collection and I’ve been wanting to wear it daily.

It used to be very difficult for me to find the right plaid shirt because I seemed to need 2 sizes bigger in the arms than in the body (does anyone else have this problem??), but this shirt was not that way and fit my body perfectly.

As much as I love the country I’m a city girl at heart and I couldn’t throw on this shirt without polishing it up a bit for city life. It’s actually quite easy with the right accessories that pull colors from the top itself. I chose to pull out the blush colors with a coordinating coat, heels and bag, with blue jeans to round out the look and make it much more intentional and “put together”. Plus it’s cold here in Portland and this oversized wool coat is warm so let’s pretend style is the main reason I grabbed it…

I’m actually really peaceful and content looking through these photos myself because it’s such an everyday look (you can even swap the heels for cute flats or loafers) and this weekend isn’t jam packed like last weekend was, so I’ll actually get to wear something like this while I do things like read and grab coffee vs running around like a mad woman.

I know it’s only Wednesday, but what do you look forward to most about the weekend? Having lots of plans with friends and family and work, or having little to do but whatever you want? I’d have to say both but at the moment I’m feeling the later. This weekend I’m looking forward to lunch with my dad, finishing The Alchemist, which I started reading last week, and shooting a few things for some fresh content on my Instagram. What are you looking forward to?




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