How To Go From A Sweaty Gym Rat To A Cute Brunch Look

Now days I think the “athleisure” look is something everyone has either worn because they love to or because they had to with busy every day life. I work full time at a design studio, run my blog (full time), try to hit the gym 5 days a week, show my friends some love, spend time with my main man and take care of all the other errands that pop up (oil change, grocery shopping, post office, tailors, DMV… our lives are nuts!) so it’s inevitable I needed to master the athleisure look. Here is my fool proof equation for looking together when you feel like a sweaty mess.

The simple answer? Layers. After the gym you’re in your leggings, tennis shoes, sports bras, a top, the usual, so to put myself together for dinner with a friend or running errands I like to throw on a comfy button up shirt like the one I’m wearing here, or a sweater and scarf to balance out the athletic lower half with an everyday look up top. If I wore boots that day and want to change my shoes after the gym I’ll pull those on to take it up another notch, then you look everyday casual on the outside, athletic on the inside.

Weekend plans

1- My dads birthday was earlier this week so I’m looking forward to lunch with him. It’s so strange for my parents to get older because I think I expected them to just stay the same as I remember them when I was a kid. As I get older and take on more of the responsibilities my parents have been dealing with for decades I admire them even more, and spending time with them is just one of my favorite things.

2- I’m really looking forward to a work day with my blogger babe and bestie Brittany this weekend. I have a lot of exciting changes that will be happening to the blog in the new year and getting ready for that and creating fun content ahead of time is always a stress reliever for me! #PlannerThroughAndThrough

3- With Thanksgiving just around the corner I’ll be helping my sister prep and plan for company since she’s hosting this year. I can’t wait for all the yummy food and spending a bit of time with loved ones at a slower pace.

Latest purchases

1- I recently ordered these boots that are To.Die.For. The color is insanely beautiful, even more so in person, and the fit is so comfortable. I’m really excited to style these for you soon!

2- Forever 21 has been having some serious sales lately and as much as I love investing in my wardrobe I still love a bargain. I ordered a few items from a sale they had a week ago and everything was under $20 #KillinIt I’ll share what I got on Insta Stories when it comes in if you’d like to follow along hereĀ  @rachelcossette. I have had this coat on my wishlist for a while now and I think it’ll be up next in my cart…

Some favorite reads

1- Winter is a tough time for date night, especially in the NW, because it’s rainy and generally pretty crappy outside. I enjoyed this article with a few fall date night ideas to keep things fun when the weather isn’t cooperating!

2- When did this happen?!?!

3- If you love the TV series you’ll love the books!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?? Thanks for reading!



Shirt: Thread & Supply

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