The Perfect LBD For Date Night

You know that feeling you get when you try on the perfect LBD and all the sudden you’re a runway model and all your flaws suddenly become all your attributes? This pear-shaped girl who has always been conscientious of her hips suddenly transformed into Marilyn Monroe circa 1953. And the best part? This little number is going to work it’s magic on a special date night tomorrow, and the boyfriend won’t know what hit him…

I got this dress at one of my favorite Portland boutiques, Sloan, and I’ve been waiting for the right time to pull it out. I never buy dresses at this midi length, this is the first, because I’m pear shaped but have slimmer thighs/thigh gap, but when the fabric covers to the knee it makes me look wide and like I have thunder thighs under there because you can’t see the gap, which is why I love the mini length for my body. For whatever reason though, I did not feel that way in this dress. It is so gorgeous on and is just the right weight of fabric to smooth you out. I absolutely love the design of the lace and the lower back (my fav) and ruching that highlights that booty girl… #TakeMyMoney. When we were shooting these photos a random guy even stopped to just watch me… #NotTheAttentionIWanted #GottaToneBackTheSexy #PleaseLeave

Anyway I think every woman needs that LBD in her closet that she feels amazing in and she can reach for when she needs something easily dressed up or down. If you love mini or midi, sleeves or sleeveless, satin or lace, I don’t think anyone reading this has a wardrobe void of this closet heavy weight.

When was the last time you wore your LBD?? Leave a comment below with what makes you embrace your body and feel like a total smoke show!

Have a fabulous weekend,









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