Stocking Stuffers Under $20!

mug | bracelet | mani kit | hair tie | earrings | hat | phone grip | socks | lipstick | phone case

Christmas is in 3 days! Can you believe how fast this year went by?!? If you are a procrastinator or need a few more little gift ideas, here are 10 perfect stocking stuffers for anyone on your list.

I think cozy socks are always a given but a few other favorites of mine from this list are the cute kitty mug, the mini MAC lipstick (only $10!), and the phone grip. It’s funny because I actually had one of these for my phone and I didn’t keep it because I thought I wouldn’t really use it. Ever since I wish I had kept it of course, and I saw a bunch of them in an Office Depot and almost grabbed one but decided against it. A couple days later my BFF gave me one with an elephant on it for my bday and I love it! It’s so cute and it would really be the best gift for anyone who loves taking selfies or is on their phone a lot.

I also got so many comments on the cute mug in this IG post so I had to share the perfect kitty mug for any cat lover on your list (I love the little ears)! I’ve also heard great things about this hair tie for anyone with really long hair or anyone who has a more sensitive scalp. If your hair weighs a lot or you get pain from having it up in a pony tail, this won’t hurt your head! I’m also slightly jealous of anyone who may get that cute little manicure kit in their stocking! Any beauty lover or girl girl who loves having nice nails would love it, including myself

Is it just me or do you love opening your stocking more than regular gifts sometimes?? I remember one year my dad didn’t do stockings and my sister and I were just like “you can’t have Christmas without stockings!!” Haha Even filled with candy, hair ties, and lotion they are always just the best. Adding any one of these gifts in a loved ones stocking will make it that much more special.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and don’t stress too much getting ready for the holidays! Who’s hosting and who’s traveling?? We actually had to cancel our plans to visit Jesse’s family this year because they got a ton of snow this past week and it’s been freezing rain so there was just no way we could have made it up there unfortunately. On the bright side we are spending it with my side of the family and we will get to visit his this summer which will be really nice. Leave me a comment and let me know what your plans are!

Thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you guys here again on Christmas day with an announcement I hope you will all be as excited about as I am…



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